PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride and has already been widely used in many industries including construction for many decades. Commonly known as Vinyl or a Thermoplastic material. More information can be found at the Vinyl Council of Australia.

DEKKOPLUS Panels have a %70 PVC content.

No, there are no toxic materials in DEKKOPLUS Panels.

Most of the toxic materials that are of concern and are subjects of continual monitoring are the ‘ plasticizers ‘ which are like additives to make PVC more pliable and flexible. In the past, many decades ago, there were some toxic plasticizers in PVC, mainly in the plumbing pipes industry. Nowadays, these toxic plasticizers are largely non existent.

Plasticizers in the construction industry today are safe and are already in existence in other construction materials such as concrete mixtures and gypsum wallboard or plasterboard.

Yes. PVC materials are recyclable to produce plastic resins. These in turn can be used to produce various other Polymer based products.

Yes, the Office and Warehouse is located in Brookvale, Sydney, NSW.

Yes, we are open Mon – Fri 8am to 5:30pm

DEKKOPLUS offers a 5 Year warranty on all it’s products.

Everyday wear and tear will not have any effect on our panels. However, there should always be awareness of sharp objects coming into impact with the panels to avoid damages.

For damaged panels, the affected panels are easily removed to be replaced with new ones.

There is very little to no maintenance required as the material does not absorb liquid. Other grime can be easily removed with cloth and water. We recommend applying only small doses of detergent or soap when necessary.

Our products have been successfully tested by different international standard companies including CSRIO (AUS/NZS), CE (GERMANY) and rated as group 1 ( Fire retardant) They have been used internationally for over 30 years with an excellent safety record.

Absolutely %100. The panels are completely waterproof, and the joints are designed to be watertight. We also recommend small droplets of sealant between the tongue and groove during installation.