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The versatility of PVC Plus Panels allows Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and DIY Property Owners to design and implement visually appealing interiors.
Although a relatively new building material in the Australian market, PVC Plus Panels have already made an impact in the Commercial and Aquatic / Marine space.

In addition to the aethestics, PVC Plus Panels have a number of technical and safety properties :

o 100%  Waterproof.
o Fire Resistant in accordance to CSIRO AS/NZ 3837.
o Tongue and Groove system for easy installation.
o Great flexibility and adaptability for unique designs.

Flexible and can be bent easily

Environmentally friendly

Quick and Easy to Install

Fast And easy to install

Maximize savings

Ceiling panels

Ceiling panelsThese products are designed as a ceiling panels with either a seamless tongue and groove or U Grove joint. These panels are Ideal in wet or dry environments for indoor and outdoor areas and available in four different surface finishing such as, high gloss white, Satin white, Matt white, Timber finishes and various colors and textures. The white finishes are UV oil treated for steady colour in long term.

Wall panels

Wall panels

These products are designed as a wall panel with either a seamless tongue and groove joint or a V grove. These panels are Ideal in wet or dry environments for indoor & outdoor areas where these is no direct sunlight on the panels and is available in a high gloss white, timber finish and various other colours and textures.

Bathrooms and wet Areas

PVCPLUS solid panels

These products are designed to be used as a quick and luxurious alternative to tiles and they can be simply glued over existing walls  over tiles, plaster, fibro or timber. Suitable for shower walls, bathroom walls and bathroom ceilings.

Swimming pools and Aquatic centers

Due to their nature, PVCPLUS panels are the perfect choice for swimming pools and wet areas in general, since the panels are waterproof and light weight.

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